Essay & Opinion Writing

Do you enjoy sharing your viewpoints? What do you think of, say, global warming or the latest water-cooler TV show or the forgotten value of handkerchiefs? No topic is too major or minor to warrant exploration. There are many places to air your views—magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, books—and many forms to encapsulate them.
People will be eager to hear you out…if you know how to elucidate your thoughts better than the average loudmouth on the bus. Here you’ll learn about the leading forms of viewpoint writing—personal essay, lyric essay, op-eds, reviews, and others—as well as writing craft and how to market your work.
Whatever you have to say, we’ll show you how to say it effectively and compellingly.


A personal essay is similar to a memoir; both incorporate elements from the writer’s life. But a personal essay focuses more on the viewpoint, and a memoir focuses more on the story. Gotham also offers courses on Memoir Writing and an Intensive on Personal Essay Writing.

A great overview and a chance to try your hand at a variety of essay styles.
Nonna Noto
retired economist

Essay & Opinion Writing | Level I

10-week Workshop

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  • Online: not real-time, week-long sessions  info
    tuition: $419 (returning students: $389)
  • Zoom: real-time videoconference  info
    tuition: $419 (returning students: $389)
  • NYC: in-person  info
    tuition: $445 (returning students: $415)

Registration fee $25, paid once per term

One-on-One tuition: $1795  Request consultation

What’s the difference between Online and Zoom?

This course gives you a firm grounding in the basics of essay/opinion writing craft and gets you writing an essay or opinion piece (or two). Course components:

  • Lectures
  • Writing exercises
  • Workshopping of student projects (each student presenting work two times)

Essay & Opinion I is for beginners or anyone who wants to brush up on the fundamentals. Students must be 18 years or older.

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3.00 CEUs
 Oct 11
Tue, 7–10 pm et
Zoom Conference