All of Gotham's in-person writing classes take place in New York City.

NYC writing classes meet on a weekly basis (with the exception of one-session classes and some Teen classes). You interact with the same teacher and students each time, forming a writing group that grows in camaraderie, session by session.

No more than 14 writers are allowed in a Gotham NYC class, so that all students get personal attention. (Intensives and community events, though, often contain larger groups.)

Explore our catalogue of writing courses. And here you will find information on Gotham's various class formats and our teaching philosophy.

Here are the locations used for our NYC writing classes.

While the majority of NYC students live in or nearby NYC, you will also see students from far and wide who are spending time in the area. This is especially true of our 1-day Intensives, which frequently draw students from all over the world. If you're visiting NYC, here is some info on NYC hotels.

We also offer Free Events in NYC. Here’s a video of one of our free classes in Bryant Park.